Jay’s Focus


Being in business for over 33 years, I have seen many ups and downs driven by economic conditions, global unrest, and now to today’s environment where the pandemic has exposed weaknesses in the business community. There are employee shortages, inflation, and supply chain issues.  Locally, we can address employee shortages by further strengthening the relationships between local businesses, schools, and colleges. 


Education is critical to our vibrant community, and of course the success of business and industry in Harford County. We need to make sure all opportunities are available including college preparation, vocational schools, military, and non-profit careers. This can be accomplished through greater local cooperation between business owners and school faculty. 


In order to have a strong community focused on businesses and education, we must have a safe environment to thrive. Police, fire, and first responders must be adequately funded to sustain their critical role in the partnership between businesses and the schools. 


A strong healthcare system is essential to support our local businesses, schools, law enforcement, fire, and first responders. The pandemic has exposed many weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the system including evaluating and providing the resources necessary to address the increase in mental health issues.  


Roads and water must support the growing needs of communities, businesses, education, and law enforcement. Expansion and future maintenance of these services are critical to a prosperous community.